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Quote vs. Hourly

Quoted:   Free estimate visit is required.

We evaluate the time and material costs required to do your job as described in the estimate. This is the price you will pay.

Pro – You know the cost up front and if labor was underbid, you don’t pay more.

Con – If labor goes faster than predicted, you don’t pay less.

Hourly:   No estimate visit needed.

Customer provides pictures and description of project.

The first hour is $190  (this includes a service fee that Program Customers never pay)

Every additional hour is $105

Material is additional

Pro – You are only charged for the hours worked and material needed.

– Get on the schedule faster. No delay for the estimate.

Con – You don’t know the exact cost ahead of time.

Why It Is Better To Bundle Jobs

Often when a customer has several types of repairs needed they have to call different vendors and pay service fees for each one.

Our service does all of these items with one service fee per scheduled job.

Additionally, time can be saved when bundling. For example, your tech can be switching out a faucet while waiting for your drywall patch to dry. He can clean your exhaust fan while waiting for a coat of paint to dry.

Note: Program Customers never pay service visit fees.

Warranty - Bonded - Insured

All jobs have a one year warranty on work we completed.

We are fully bonded and insured for your protection.

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