Hi!  I’m Bruce Petrov.   I was hoping a fairly interesting version of my story would just appear here at some point…I kept thinking it would just show up.  I finally sat down to actually write it! 🙂  Here’s me~

About bruce

 I’ve been married to my lovely wife and mother of our six children since 1991.  We live in the St. Louis, MO area about 30 minutes from where we grew up.  We are blessed to have great kids and two granddaughters!  They are a whole lot of fun!

I started in the building industry professionally in 1995, as a general contractor.  I worked on my own at first, but eventually worked up to doing large, custom high-end renovations with a full crew of carpenters and reliable subcontractors.  Here’s a few pictures of one of my favorite jobs.


Some fun facts about me:

  • I’ve never been on a job interview.
  • I wrestled in high school and broke an opponent’s ribs in a match one time (accidently, of course).
  • I’m an entrepreneur and have been in business for myself for most of my life.
  • I started college, but decided it wasn’t going to meet my objectives and realigned my life vision after that first year, never to return to college again.
  • I am follower of Christ and seek to draw close to God through prayer and reading His Word.
  • I love boating and water sports and can water ski on top of a 6’ ladder!  See one such attempt here:  

  • I owned my first car at 15, before I could drive.  At 17, I had three cars and one was being torn down for restoration.  
  • I go on dates with my wife every week!  
  • Summer is my favorite time of the year!  Hot is fine with me…I like to stay wet as much as I can!  Winters are very challenging to me. My mantra is, “You can always take more clothes off, but I can’t put enough clothes on to stay warm in the winter (and be able to move, at least)”.  🙂
  • My wife dreams as many ideas as I can build (maybe more at times)!  We make a great team!
  • My great grandfather immigrated to St. Louis in 1920 and we have been here ever since then.  
  • I love to help equip my children for a productive and victorious adult life.  That comes through in some of my videos and blog posts. We have homeschooled our children for about 20 years to help contribute to this objective.  Yes, my wife is amazing!
  • I built my house myself in 2001 and am adding on to it now.  This time with the help of my kids. My three boys show a lot of promise in building and skilled trades.  They help a whole lot!  

Thanks for stopping by!  It’s my desire that this Blog will benefit you and your family by inspiring you to dream of what your home could be.  I also want to empower you to achieve more than you ever thought possible!  Here’s my gift to you…

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