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At HMS, we believe in providing services that enable everyone to build families and support each other. We stay connected to our local communities by reaching out and helping others that are having a difficult time helping themselves. Helping to build families and relationships are the core components of a healthy future for all of us.

Wehrenberg "Cans" Film Festival

Each year, Wehrenberg Theaters teams up with the Salvation Army and UPS to collect food for those in need. HMS is proud to be a part of this tremendous community effort by joining in and helping to collect thousands of cans of food for the Salvation Army food pantries. Families can participate by bringing cans of food in exchange for free movie tickets. UPS (United Parcel Service) helps by providing trucks and volunteer drivers to transport the canned food to local Salvation Army food pantries.

Food Pickup

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Righteous Rides Pit Crew

Righteous Rides in Troy Missouri helps missionary families throughout the world by providing them with solid and safe transportation during their visits home. Pit Crews help to coordinate pickup and delivery of Vans for the missionary families by picking them up or taking them to the airport or anyplace within the St. Louis area. Pit Crew members ensure that the families are comfortable with their vans and all that they have to offer. Just another way to serve and help those that help others.

Righteous Rides

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