What other people are saying

Craig, O'Fallon

"I wouldn't know how to keep up with all of the issues around my house without you. I fought it for years with nothing but worry. Now I just know it gets done."

Lois, Hazelwood

"Thanks so much for all of your help with everything. It is such a relief to not feel like the burden of everything in this house is on me"

Bill, Webster Groves

"Gina and I are ecstatic with your home-maintenance service. Pete has been just fabulous, and we are extremely grateful to you and to him for the help, fixes, and problem solving you have provided. Thank you sincerely. Pete is a godsend."

Linda, Creve Coeur

"Thanks for sending this [pricing and product info] to me - I would never have gotten to this - unless of course the door crumbled then I would be calling you for an emergency."

Jenifer, Clayton

"HMS has helped so much with taking away the stress of projects and repairs around our house. When something comes up that needs to be done I either add it to my list for next time or just call you guys for help! I don't have to bug my husband anymore! :-) I really trust you to take care of these things for me! Thanks!"

Kim, Chesterfield

"Thanks, HMS for doing such a great job! Projects got finished, the work was top-notch and we had time to do other things. It's great to have a house just the way you want it. HMS made our home so much more enjoyable. There are so many projects we didn't have time for or didn't know how to finish. You finished them right, looked for potential problems and really helped protect us from costly repairs. Thank you!"