Pool & Outdoor Kitchen Design Tips

How many of you guys have pools? If you have a pool, tune into this. Hey, if you’re listening too and you have a pool or you know somebody who has a pool, share this with them. It might help. It’s gonna spark some ideas for you guys.

Pools are fun, especially in the summertime. I guess that’s a given, right? Uh, but there’s lots of stuff you have to do to take care of a pool and if you get too overwhelmed then you’re gonna regret having the pool.

We’re gonna talk about not only just pool decks and surrounding areas of the pool, we’re also gonna look at outdoor kitchens and winterizing things for the outdoors, maybe even bringing things like a refrigerator and a sink outdoors.
So how would you do that? So we’re gonna talk a lot about that kind of stuff in this video. So I hope you enjoy it. Follow me for a little bit.

Okay, so one of the things is a pool deck. So look down here at our pool deck here. This pool, this is called the exposed aggregate concrete, okay? It’s a great surface for traction. Like nobody, I shouldn’t say nobody, people rarely fall on this cause it’s got a lot of grip and it’s small aggregate so it’s not really hard on your feet either, so it’s pretty good for that.

But the problem is it gets really hot. This is a brown kind of creek gravel in here. So the brown, obviously when the sun shines on it, absorbs a lot of heat. So it gets really hot. You cannot walk across here on a really hot day. Today it’s not too bad out. If you’re in St. Louis watching this, you know we’ve had a lot of beautiful days and our highs are in the 80s this last week or so. But you know, like hot summer, 90 degree or 100 degree days, this thing is on fire. So one of the things to keep in mind.

Now one of the things we did, if you follow me over here, we’re gonna look at this area here which is a little bit different material. This is all travertine. Now travertine is an interesting product and it’s really good for this because it’s porous for one, so if you have wet feet and you put wet on there, in fact, I’m gonna get a little bit of water.

So watch this. It kind of just soaks right in, so it still gives you grip because this is a porous material. So if your foot’s on there, you actually have a little bit of grip. Now if you get a big puddle to where this absorbs the water and then you put more water on top of it, it can still be slick like anything, but the first initial water that’s coming of your feet gives you a little bit of grip so that’s nice.

Another thing about travertine is it doesn’t get extremely hot, so you can actually walk on this on hot days, so it’s a good product. Now this is tile here over concrete. It worked really well. These are what you call stair coping, or pool coping, I’m sorry, which is made to go around the pool. C o p i n g. Coping is what I’m saying there. Or you can use these for stair treads like we’ve done. So they’re about 12 inches wide, 24 inches long and they’ve got this nice bull nose on them. So this actually worked really well. So that’s a little tip I’ll share with you too.

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