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A Managed Home

Homes are often the only thing in our lives that are not managed and they are our single largest investment. We manage our DVD queues, our Facebook account information, and even our pet care. What if you could manage your to-do list for your home? What if you had a management solution that would enable you to set your mind at ease and worry free? With an HMS managed home, you can.

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Return On Investment

When you purchase a new car, you check out facts about the problems or maintenance records to ensure a solid buy. Imagine how much more your home will be worth when buyers can see years worth of proactive maintenance and professional care for a fraction of the cost of maintenance fees imposed by condominiums and villas.

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Imagine staying in your home as long as you wish even when you can't get around like you used to. While traditionally, others are moving to smaller dwellings with managed care, you can stay in the home that you love for a fraction of the cost. No moving expenses and no high priced maintenance fees for little to no maintenance. It's time to get personalized service and get the things you want done around your house.

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We have an App for that

Viewing the status of your home, its to-do list, and its history can be in the palm or your hand. We know how important it is stay on to of things at any time of the day. With our home management application, you can check up on what needs to be done, add to your to-do list, see what was fixed and when, all from your PC, tablet, or phone. This application is in the beta stage and will be available soon. Keep checking in to see the status of this wonderful tool!

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What others are saying

Don't just take our word for it, see what others are saying about how a Home Maintenance Solution has improved their quality of life.

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