Wehrenberg "Cans" Film Festival Food Drive Gallery

There were multiple locations and hundreds of volunteers for the annual Wehrenberg "Cans" Film Festival. We couldn't be at all of them, we could only help out in our local community. HMS would like to thank Wehrenberg, UPS, and the Salvation Army for helping out the community in such a way to bring together families and help feed other families that are having difficulties making it on their own. Not all families are in perpetual need. Many of the families that need help are having temporary issues due to job loss or similar problems.

UPS Driver

UPS employees help in many ways. They provide numerous volunteers and help to organize the other volunteers along with providing delivery trucks and their drivers. These drivers are happy to help and give their time during the busiest time of the year.

UPS Driver


The O'Fallon Fire Department took part and pitched in and used their knowledge of teamwork to get the job done. The volunteers from HMS learned a lot about helping in the community and just how devoted service individuals are in saving lives in various ways.

UPS Truck Load

Service for the community

HMS invites you to get involved with your family to help out other families in your community. To learn more, check out your local Salvation Army or send us a line and we would be glad to help point you in the right direction.

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