3 Ways to Maintain the Value of Your Home

This is a topic that is helpful for all homeowners. We don’t want to be in a position where if we go to sell our house, or even if we don’t sell our house, that the value of our home has plummeted because we have not taken care of our home in the proper way. Or we thought we were taking care of our home but we realize that there are some things we neglected that are costing us a lot of money now, or costing a lot of equity that we thought we had that is missing now.

So we’re going to talk in a little bit about three specific things that you can do to keep your home value up. But I also wanted to show you that there are some things that we do, in our company, that help keep an eye on different aspects or components of the home. We have a checklist for every season, that we go out and check when we go visit our customers. So we go through about 20 items every season that help keep our customers home in tip top shape and keep that equity and that value in the home. So I wanted to give you these three examples. So one, is off the top of my head, one that is fresh in my mind, because we had a customer that called us who didn’t work with us necessarily. They learned of us from a neighbor, and they had a problem in the ceiling of their kitchen.

They had water damage coming through. We all kind of, in the back of our minds, are a little bit afraid of that probably. In their case, they had a shower above and a bathroom that had been leaking for probably maybe three to four months. But it was a super slow leak. So, what they had is they had a tile floor in their shower, and there was some joints, where the curve came against the wall, and there was moisture getting in there. And it developed a pretty nasty situation in their ceiling. We had to go in there, we had to open up their ceiling. We found mold and some rotted sub floor, we had to air that out. We had to clean up the mold. We had to redo the shower and the area where the problem was, because there was some rotted wood underneath there, because it had been leaking for a long period of time.

So that was kind of an extreme example. But imagine if you did a little check, say every three months, or maybe every even year, if you came and looked at your shower and you kind of examined those caulk joints, in some of the areas that are needing to be sealed, that maybe are not sealed anymore. Imagine if you did that, that small repair, which would take maybe an hour to do for a professional probably even less. But if you did those things regularly, imagine avoiding that big repair that I just talked about. So that’s a huge one.

Another one that I want to talk to you about, number two is a situation to where a storm, a spring storm comes through, and there’s a lot of rain. And you expect your water to flow down around your house and get collect underneath the foundation and the sump system and then get pumped out. And then all the sudden, your sump pump doesn’t turn on. We have had that happen, we have had that call from a couple of folks before. More than a couple, I should say. A few folks. Excuse me. Got a little cold today, guys so I hope you can bear with me, I hope you can hear me.

But anyway, that causes a lot of damage in their basement. Their carpet went under water, they had problems around the base of the wall. Quite a bit of work has to be done when that happens. But again, excuse me. Imagine if you went around a couple of times a year and you tested your sump pump. You could pour a bucket of water in there, then you can test your sump pump, make sure it comes on. Can you give me a drink of water?

Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Apologize for all the shenanigans going on here, but I’m really thirsty. And then you can switch our light back around, please. All right, that’ll help guys so sorry about that. But anyway, imagine if you could avoid that. It was one of those things, where if you could test your sump pump regularly, it’s a simple thing you could do that would avoid this big problem that’s going to come up. A third issue is exterior trim work. So we’ve had a couple of situations recently, to where people have had a garage door that’s a double garage door. And a lot of you probably have this. Especially the case if you have vinyl siding.

So if you have a garage door that’s a double garage door with vinyl siding above it, look for this problem. Over the top, you’ll have a J channel going around that receives the vinyl siding behind there. Okay, so the problem with a long garage door is that the J channel is not long enough to go over the whole door. So what we see is that water runs down the side of the house, it kind of fills up that J channel. And then wherever that seam is, it finds its way through. And again, it’s really slow. It’s a small leak over time, and what you end up with is a big rotted frame behind that, and it’s a big deal to fix. If you go on our YouTube channel, right now in fact, we have that as our header picture I think.

A picture of a rotted garage door frame. So it’s a big thing to deal with, but if you know those things to look for, they’re simple fixes. So those are three things that I have for you today, that I want you guys to be aware of. But I also want to teach you that deferred maintenance, or things that you don’t do can cost you a lot of money later on. So it’s a great idea to learn to keep up with the small things, so that you don’t have to pay for those big expenses later. And you keep your home’s value in great shape when it comes time to sell. We recently learned of a home owner who was trying sell her house, and they did a pre-building inspection and there was so many things that needed to be done, that they weren’t even able to sell her house.

They wanted to sell, but they couldn’t sell. There’s just too much. It would have had to have been sold as is, at a hugely reduced price. So they had to go back and try to work on their house, and delay the fact that they wanted to sell their house, because of all the things they didn’t do in their house as they were living in it, to keep it maintained. So just, I want to make a good reminder to you all today, that putting off maintenance isn’t necessarily the best idea. So I would love for you guys to let me know if you need help with that. We have like I said, we have our checklist. We have a maintenance plan that folks can sign up on if you’re interested.

We also have a little bit of help for folks who want to do it themselves. So maybe that’s you, and we’d love to help you with that. Our goal is to help families enjoy their houses a little bit more, and to enjoy their time at home more. So we hope that home maintenance solution is hoping to bring your family home. All right, we’ll catch you again sometime. Please share this with others so they can help them. And we appreciate all you followers. Thanks.

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